Start of the new burning season!

From the beginning of March, not only spring fever bubbles up. Behind the scenes at the distillery, too, things are picking up again. Because a few days ago we officially started the new season. Spirits of excellent quality are now once again created in our distilling equipment – from regional ingredients, with a lot of time and the proven craftsmanship knowledge of centuries.

Under the watchful eye of master distiller Dany Mailah, we have continued to expand our range in recent months. And even more new products are planned – so you can be excited about what the new season will bring.

Harz water & Harz wheat

But regardless of whether it’s a classic or a newcomer, it always starts with wheat and water. The grain, which comes from our own fields, is mixed with spring water from our own well. In the Henze steamer, the starch is exposed; this produces the so-called mash. It is the cornerstone for the distillate. Barley malt is added to the mash. It causes the starch to convert into sugar and gives the resulting Wöltingeroder Feinbrand its unmistakable aroma.

After the processes in the Henze steamer – with which we have once again successfully started the new distilling season – the mash is pumped into fermentation tanks, where it is transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide with the addition of yeast during the process of alcoholic fermentation.

You want to know what happens next? Then take a look at our info-graphic on “Firing & Finishing”:

We are already looking forward to being able to present our distillery craft live to you again. As soon as the Corona situation allows, we will again offer you behind-the-scenes tours of the distillery.

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