The new members of the team!

The new members of the team!

In recent weeks, we have once again expanded our offer. After all, for master distiller Dany Mailah it is not only a matter of honor to constantly improve our existing range in terms of quality, he is also passionate about developing new spirits that give real pleasure to long-time fans but also newcomers. This time we have added two liqueurs that perfectly bridge the gap between summer and autumn, between spice and fruit.

Anni – anise liqueur

We all know it: a balmy summer evening, a hearty meal, good friends … you’re already craving some high-proof anise. But aniseed doesn’t just cut a fine figure in schnapps form. Our new liqueur Anni is with 30 %vol. not only somewhat milder, it also brings just the right sweetness to wrap even those around the finger who actually can not do so much with anise. Not only in terms of taste, but also visually, the new one looks good in any social gathering. This is because the misty effect that already shines through in the glass bottle is further enhanced when mixed with water. A bit mysterious, a bit unusual – and really delicious.

Pluum – plum liqueur with caraway flavor

If you put the question in the room, which fruit is most likely to be associated with autumn, the result for the plum should not be bad. The aromatic, regional favorite fruit has now finally found a counterpart in our range. The taste of sun-ripened plums forms the basis for our new Pluum liqueur, which combines the fruity sweetness of the fruit with a special note: the warm spicy aroma of caraway and akvavit. A really successful combination, which should quickly make the new liqueur a real favorite with us.

All new spirits are of course available at our farm store or 24/7 online at

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