Fünf mal ausgezeichnet beim World Spirits Award 2023

World Spirits Award 2023 Erdbeere der Geistliche

Monastery distillery Wöltingerode: Heimatverbundes craft in timeless design

In 1682 the foundation stone of today’s monastery distillery was laid. The original values of distilling, the respectful treatment of nature, traditional craftsmanship and the awareness that everything good takes time – these have been preserved and continue to this day. Perfect spirits need rest, which they get when they are aged in oak barrels. Moreover, the barrel warehouse is a worthy ambience to taste and enjoy with relish.

The noble grain is obtained by reducing the 96% fine spirit to 38.5%. Berliner Sophie – Mild Caraway – a timeless classic with a subtle sweetness – ranks second in terms of products sold. Der Geistliche Fine Strawberry exudes the familiar, summery smell of fresh fruit. Der Geistliche Fine Raspberry from regional harvest sets standards as a genuine Harz quality product. The St. Georg Korn matured in whiskey barrels is dedicated to the noble family of the Guelphs, which originated in Lower Saxony. The Edel-Gin 1682 is based, like all spirits, on the legendary Wöltingeroder Feinbrand and enters into a flavorful combination with juniper, coriander, lavender blossom, star anise, cinnamon and elderberry.

In October 2022, the monastery distillery was awarded the 2022 Federal Award of Honor in the category of spirits, the highest award in the German food industry. Master distiller Mr. Dany Mailah and Managing Director Martin Rahmann accepted the award, as one of the best eight out of 130 spirits producers in the whole of Germany.

At the World Spirits Award, there was gold for Der Geistliche Feine Himbeere, Der Geistliche Feine Erdbeere, silver for Milder Kümmel, St. Georg and bronze for 1682 Edel-Gin.

84 WOB-Points – Berliner Sophie Mild CarawaySilver
lbKlosterbrennerei Wöltingerode GmbH, Germany, 38690 Goslar, www.klosterbrennerei-woeltingerode.de
Fragrance: Very restrained variety presentation, only subbtle caraway notes, some dried herbs, cough syrup associations, woody and stalky, marc-like, mint, chocolate, wafers. Taste: Aromatic image on the palate, little variety typicality, very drop-like background, subtle aniseed notes, fennel, very marc- and grape-like, yeasty, earthy and mossy, rooty, bread crust, pepper, sumptuous sugar sweetness, quite good tightness and length.

88 WOB-Points – St. Georg 2019 – Silver
: Very aromatic fruit ester presentation, apricot, peach, lots of banana, fresh grain, strongly yeasty, hints of yeast wheat beer, pear, apple skin, lots of malt, lots of chocolate, distinct toasting, less typical wood aromatics, reminiscent of faintly toasted ash wood. Taste: Aroma reflection on the palate, fresh cereal, a lot of fruit ester, malt, banana, raspberry, pear, apple, vanilla, young ash wood or wood chips, a lot of chocolate, nougat, honey sweetness, quite harmonious, full-bodied and long, somewhat overlaying in the finish.

92,3 WOB-Points – Der Geistliche Fine raspberry 2021 – Gold
: Very intense, ripe berry aromas, powerful wild raspberries little forest berries, some blackberries, a lot of citric freshness, slightly leafy, menthol, melissa, subtly pithy and nutty, almond and rose oil. Taste: Consequent aromatic transition on the palate, powerful raspberry juice aspects, reminiscent of syrup, strawberry-like and estery, marzipan, great rose oil, delicately apple-like, minty, nice alcohol sweetness, slightly woody and stalky bitterness, peppery, good tightness, harmony and length.

92,3 WOB-Points – Der Geistliche Fine Strawberry 2021 – Gold
Fragrance: Most intense, perfumed berry and rose basis, candy drop-like and fresh strawberries, a touch of raspberries, associations of Yogurette, somewhat apricot and peach notes, rosehip, mint, nutty and kernel-like, subtle vanilla. Taste: Pronounced strawberry jam texture, pure berry concentrate, white chocolate, citrus, very candy drop-like fruit ester, some floral notes, slight kernel bitter aftertaste, honey, delicate candy sweetness, good harmony, density and length, straight implementation of the subject.

77 WOB-Points – 1682 Edel-Gin 2022 – Bronze
Fragrance: Bomb of roasty aromas, a touch of juniper berries, bread crust, coconut, hazelnuts, sponge cake, orange oil, rose oil, violet, lavender, a lot of cocoa, gingerbread spice mixture, slightly vegetable, dill, cucumber water. Taste: Aromatic consonance on the palate, some juniper, apple-like and fruity, raisins, dried pear bread, intensely chocolatey, cocoa, lavender, violet, green of carrots, dusty and dry, very overlaying, quite sharp finish.

Klosterbrennerei Wöltingerode GmbH
Dany Mailah
Wöltingerode 1
38690 Goslar

Fon.: +49-532-4774450

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