The distillery

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Foundation & History

After a fire in 1676, the then provost established a distillery on the monastery estate. The aim was to generate additional funds for reconstruction. He thus laid the foundation stone of our present-day Wöltingerode Monastery Distillery in 1682.

The turbulent history of the monastery was marked by monastic harmony, prosperity and contentment. However, it also brought changes of confession, wars, destruction and plundering upon the monastery, thus changing it. The original values of distilling, the respectful treatment of the local nature, the honest craftsmanship according to traditional methods and recipes, as well as the awareness of the fact that everything good takes time – we have preserved this until today. And we continue it according to our philosophy.

Visit our farm store

Our farm store is located in the building of the old manor house. Here you will find delicacies from monasteries and the region and, of course, our exquisite brandies and liqueurs produced in our monastery distillery.

Tradition & Values

Experience for yourself what the traditions and values of monastic life feel like. Visit us at the monastery estate and we will be happy to show you how our noble grain and noble liqueurs are made and where they have their place to mature. On a guided tour of the distillery and the barrel warehouse you will learn how traditional and artisanal distilling is done. We will also be happy to guide you around the monastery grounds and give you a lasting impression of what life must have been like on the monastery estate.

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