Good, better, monastery distillery!

The fact that we produce quite excellent spirits in an artisanal and regionally oriented way has been clearly proven since last year at the latest. In 2020, we succeeded for the first time in having our entire regular product range decorated with a medal from DLG e.V. in each case. An outstanding result for our Harz company.

In spring, the current round of testing by the German Agricultural Society was due and we were naturally excited. After all, in order to receive a DLG seal in gold, all test criteria must be met flawlessly. For silver and bronze, only minor and major deviations, respectively, are allowed in a single test criterion.

Excellent results!

In the current round of tests, all spirits were considered, which, as usual, required a new seal after two years. Once again, they now had to submit to the strict judgment of the experts. And what can we say: we have not only managed to maintain the level of 26 award-winning products – we have even improved!

Instead of 10 x gold, we now wear 14 x gold. As a result, four products that previously held silver and bronze medals have moved up to the top spot in terms of quality. “This is a very nice development for us”, as also emphasized by our master distiller Dany Mailah, who has been instrumental in this success.

The next DLG award will take place in the fall of 2021. Until then, here is an overview of the products awarded in the current spring test round:

– Lemon liqueur Cita (previously: bronze)
– The clergyman, hazelnut (previously: silver)
– The clergyman, raspberry
– Liqueur Warming Cinnamon (Previously: Silver)
– Edelkorn Provost John (previously: bronze)

– Gin 1682
– Peppermint Liqueur Pepper Prince (Previously: Bronze)

– Vodka icebreaker
– Liqueur persimmon quince

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