Excellent consistency: DLG award for “longstanding product quality

In our more than 300-year history, a lot has happened in terms of taste. The Wöltingerode Monastery Distillery has always been on the ball and has always managed to combine the highest standards with traditional craftsmanship. For this, our products are appreciated today more than ever. And not just in the Harz region, but far beyond. Last but not least, our online store https://woeltingerode-kiosk.de makes it possible for our spirits to provide special moments of enjoyment throughout Germany.

We attach importance to neutral test results

We are glad that you like it. But high demand is not enough for us as a quality criterion. That’s why we have had our specialties regularly and voluntarily scrutinized by the Food Test Center of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for many years. Neutral experts evaluate the quality of the products twice a year in spring and fall and award medals in bronze, silver and gold for special achievements. For the first time, all spirits in our regular range have each had a medal since a few weeks. An unbeatable result, …

Quality is not a flash in the pan

… which is crowned by another award from the DLG. In March, the company also awarded us the “Longstanding Product Quality Award”. This award is only given if a company has received at least three awards each for five consecutive years. If a company does not participate in a year or does not achieve the required number of awards, it loses its entitlement. The special thing: The monastery distillery has received the award 2021 not for the first, second or third, but for the tenth time in a row. Another proof of our daily efforts to offer you only the very best – special spirits of outstanding quality.

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