Something is happening in our distillery!

Many fans of the Wöltingerode Monastery Distillery know our plant quite well. Finally, we provide an exciting look behind the scenes as part of our regular guided tours. What exactly happens in the fermentation tanks, why is the distillation equipment made of copper and what is the raw distillation column for – these and more questions are answered by us in the process.

But at the moment a breath of fresh air is coming into the distillery, which has been doing its work reliably for so many years. Our raw and fine distillery column will be joined in the future by a small additional capping line. “Closure plant because the new still is completely under customs seal. A capping plant is not subject to any restrictions in terms of quantity, because the resulting fermentation alcohol is directly registered for customs and taxed at 13.03 euros per liter of pure alcohol,” explains master distiller Dany Mailah.

For us, this means that all components, lines and dial gauges are sealed by the Braunschweig Main Customs Office with seals that must not be broken before commissioning. For fans of the monastery distillery, the new capping plant is a reason for joy above all because we will be able to produce fruit brandies here in the future … More about that soon elsewhere.

In addition to the capping system, a new floor will also be installed in the distillery. It is conductive and explosion-proof, as well as resistant to acids and alcohols. So, with a little luck, it will survive the next 100 years of distillery history completely unscathed. Future participants in our guided tours will also benefit directly from the current renovation work. Because we are investing in a new lighting system. It is not only purposefully designed for all work in the distillery, but also creates great lighting effects for visitors. If that’s not a reason to visit us again soon …

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