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The nights are getting longer, the days cooler. The desire for hearty food grows and with good friends one sometimes prefers to make oneself comfortable at home rather than being active outdoors. Rain, wind and falling leaves do the rest to increase our desire for coziness and deceleration. In short, autumn is here. In Wöltingerode we welcome the season with some special delicacies that should not be missing in your home bar.

1) Pluum

The autumn and the plum, a delicious combination that you can drink from now on. In doing so, our new Pluum liqueur not only captures the aroma of late summer ripe fruit, it combines the warming sweetness of plums with the spicy aroma of caraway and akvavit. Perfect to warm up after an autumn walk. The great color of this liqueur with 20%vol. is an icing on the cake, it brings joy even on gray days.

2) Anni

Just as the fog hangs over the Brocken in autumn, this liqueur brings a note of mystery. Our Anni has little to do with ouzo and co. Although it is also based on the delicate aroma of anise and licorice root, it is much milder, sweeter and softer than the well-known spirits from the Greek next door. However, this liqueur can also be mixed excellently with water, which even intensifies the misty effect. In short, a great discovery from the monastery distillery, of course, handcrafted from regional ingredients.

3) Zingwer

Autumn blues, fatigue, lethargy? With this liqueur certainly no melancholy mood arises. The mixture of lemon and ginger provides a real freshness kick and a slight spiciness that stimulates the senses. Pure or mixed, our Zingwer liqueur is the perfect companion for those who do not want to lose their good mood even in the dark half of the year and want to celebrate special moments of pleasure.

4) Harzipan

A good book, a hot water bottle, a cozy blanket over your legs … that’s all you really need for a cozy evening in the fall. Only one little thing is missing – a little glass of our marzipan cream liqueur. Not only does it warm you from the inside, but it’s the perfect little sweet for in between meals. So creamy, smooth and delicious, it rivals any favorite dessert. This also earned the gold medal from DLG e.V.

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